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Who We Are

SLC is renowned for its expertise in helping clients make strategic decisions under uncertainty.  Our work helps clients identify new paths to higher value over the momentum path. We are a world leader in decision analysis, scenario planning and the quantification of value and risk. Our academic expertise and on-the job experience in scenario planning and decision analysis helps clients manage uncertainty from outside in and from inside out to avoid surprises and profit from uncertainty.

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Our Partnership with DSI

SLC works seamlessly with Decision Strategies International (DSI) to offer a full range of our joint capabilities to help clients take strategic decisions under uncertainty.

DSI relentlessly focuses on the future success of its clients. It operates at a unique intersection where it co-creates dynamic strategic plans, builds strategic leadership capabilities and instils a culture of learning that supports flexibility, dynamic growth and competitive readiness in the face of unprecedented uncertainty. Leveraging a blended approach of teaching and doing, DSI ensures organizations are equipped with both the tools and talent to continually adapt to changing conditions — and win no matter what the future brings.

Founded in 1990 by renowned scholar, author and entrepreneur Paul J.H. Schoemaker, Ph.D., DSI has been partnering with the world’s most prestigious organizations for more than 20 years.

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